Financial Aid

The Gulf Coast State College Foundation does not require scholarship applicants to apply for federal financial aid or assistance. However, it is strongly recommended that every scholarship applicant consider completing a FAFSA application sometime during their time at Gulf Coast State College. There is no charge to apply for federal financial assistance. Please schedule a visit with a Gulf Coast State College financial aid adviser today and let them tell you about the advantages of applying for aid.


Foundation scholarships can be combined or “stacked” with other forms of financial aid (i.e. Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, Bright Futures, College Pre-Paid Plans, Work-study programs, other Foundation scholarships, or other outside scholarships). Recipients of general foundation scholarships may combine their award with other departmental or organizational scholarships. High School Honors scholarship recipients may combine their award with other Foundation departmental or organizational scholarships.


Scholarships are a form of financial aid. The awarding of Foundation scholarships may affect a recipient’s financial aid package because in some cases he/she may be limited in the amount of aid they can receive. If a scholarship recipient receives a scholarship in addition to their financial aid and it goes over his/her “unmet financial need” some of their sources of financial aid (student loans or scholarships) may be adjusted. In most cases, money is deducted from his/her loan(s) before it is taken from their grants or work-study to balance out the “need”. For more information, contact the Gulf Coast State College Financial Aid Office at (850) 872-3845.