Violations & Repayment

The use of a Foundation scholarship is voluntary. Once a scholarship is used, recipients are obligated during the semester to follow the minimum guidelines of a scholarship. Scholarship awards are given out in “advance” with the promise that a recipient will follow the minimum guidelines during the semester. Receipt and/or use of any scholarship award are verification that a recipient under- stands and agrees to abide by the provisions of the scholarship. ANY VIOLATION of a scholarship’s minimum provisions (GPA and Enrollment) may result in 1) suspension or annulment of the award; 2) restrictions being placed on a recipient’s account; 3) repayment of an award; and/or 4) suspensions for any future scholarship awards. Please consult our scholarship office for more details.


The Foundation may ask a scholarship recipient to pay back their scholarship award if they have violated the scholarship’s minimum guidelines. The recipient will be notified by the Foundation and given the amount to be repaid. All scholarship privileges will be suspended until the balance has been paid in full.

The deadline to pay a spring violation is September 30. The deadline to pay a fall violation is April 30. After that time, the Foundation reserves the right to send the violation balance to a collection agency. The Foundation will accept cash, checks, money orders, or credit/debit cards for repayment. The Foundation will allow a six (6) month time period for repayment. After that time, the amount will be turned over to a collection agency. The Foundation will not accept payments on behalf of the collection agency.