Selection Process

The scholarship selection process takes approximately four to eight weeks after a scholarship application deadline. The Foundation’s goal is to find and provide one “general” scholarship to each deserving student who has been selected by the Foundation’s scholarship scoring committee. This is because we have more demand for our scholarships than are available.

A scholarship application review and scoring committee consisting of GCSC faculty and staff will review over 800 scholarship applications. The committee will assign a score and rank each application.

Once the rankings are complete, the Foundation staff will begin the task of finding scholarships that best suit both the donor’s intent, as well as, the student’s needs.

REMEMBER a scholarship award is not FINAL until two things happen 1) an award amount has been established for that scholarship and 2) an award “offer” notification has been sent to and “accepted” by the recipient.

Scholarship offer notifications will sent to the recipient through his/her Gulf Coast State College email account. Offer notifications are also posted inside the recipient’s scholarship application file. No offers will be sent to a recipient’s personal email account (i.e. gmail, yahoo, icloud, etc.).

Please be patient through the process. It is up to the applicant to regularly check for updates by logging in to his/her scholarship application file or by staying connected to his/her Gulf Coast State College email.