Usage & Portability

Gulf Coast State College Foundation’s scholarship awards are supplemental in nature and not meant to cover 100% of a recipient’s educational costs. Prospective recipients are given the choice of accepting or rejecting a scholarship offer if the scholarship award does not meet his/her financial objectives. Once a scholarship award is accepted, a recipient agrees to follow the processing guidelines set by the Foundation.

For annual academic year (AY) scholarship awards, the Foundation follows a long-standing tradition of dividing a scholarship award into two parts – half of the award is given in the fall and half will be given in the spring. The Foundation does not front-load or back-load scholarship awards due to graduation or a change in educational endeavors. 

The Foundation also adopts a ‘use it or lose it’ policy on scholarship usage. Unused scholarship awards will not be rolled over from one semester to another. This policy also applies to recipients who have elected to postpone or delay their registration from the fall to the spring. Scholarship awards will not be transferred to any summer sessions.

Foundation scholarships are not transferable to another institution. In order to take full advantage of a Foundation scholarship, the recipient must be enrolled and taking classes at Gulf Coast State College. There are some limited exceptions with regard to a few Foundation Community or Organizational scholarships (Donor Selected) that the Foundation administers. All recipients receiving an approved transferable scholarship will be notified in advance.