Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are community leaders who volunteer their time to promote and govern the Gulf Coast State College Foundation. The Directors come from a variety and diverse backgrounds and all reside inside the Gulf Coast State College service district of Bay, Gulf and Franklin counties. 

Executive Committee

Image of Caroline Windham

Caroline Windham


Image of Jack Kerigan

Jack Kerigan

Vice President

Image of Austin Klanjac

Austin Klanjac


Image of John Juchniewicz

John Juchniewicz


Image of Trey Hutt

Trey Hutt

Past President

Image of William C. Cramer Jr.

William C. Cramer Jr.


Image of Dr. Sean Preston

Dr. Sean Preston

Executive Director

(850) 872-3812

[email protected]

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Image of Dr. Cheryl Flax-Hyman

Dr. Cheryl Flax-Hyman

Interim GCSC President

Director Emeritus

Mr. Charles Abbott (1910-2010)

Mrs. Karen Hanes (1950-2020)

Dr. Robert L. McSpadden (1944-2015)

Board of Directors

Mr. Les Brackett *

Mr. Hal Burleson

Mrs. Rebecca Hall-Cary

Mr. W. C. Cramer, Jr. *

Mrs. Kathy Crowley

Mr. Arthur Cullen

Mr. Buddy Czubaj

Mr. Gary Gorman

Mr. Joe Holt

Ms. Teri Hoskins

Mr. Trey Hutt *

Mr. John Juchniewicz

Mr. Jack Kerigan

Mr. Austin Klanjac

Mrs. Dana Ford-Ledman

Mr. John Meyer

Mr. Jason Morehouse

Ms. Lori Pons

Mr. Dan Rowe

Mr. Billy Joe Smiley

Mr. Jerry Sowell, Jr.

Mrs. Caroline Windham

* Indicates Past Board President

Board of Directors Nominations

A call for Board of Directors nominations to the Gulf Coast State College Foundation are usually held in the fall of each year. All inquiries should be directed to Dr. Sean Preston, Executive Director at [email protected] or (704) 488-4078.

Gulf Coast State College Foundation Articles of Incorporation

Gulf Coast State College Foundation By-Laws

Gulf Coast State College Foundation Sunshine Manual

Public Notices – Meetings

Foundation’s Finance Committee will meet via Zoom on Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. CDT. Contact Person: Dunkin McLane, Assistant Director