“My dad’s life inspired me to go back to school. I really wanted to go into the medical field because of him. He passed away in 1995 due to service-connected disabilities. Knowing that my dad still has a place with me in my schooling, it means the world to me, and it’s the best gift that I could’ve been given.” Lauren Brunell, Daughter of Master Sergeant Mark Brunell, United States Air Force

“I am honored to have been awarded the Thanks A Million Scholarship. It is humbling to know that the Gulf Coast State College Foundation is set on making a way for me to pursue my dreams. The scholarship opens a door for me that would otherwise be closed. I want to especially thank Margie Mazur for taking a leap to fight for our Military and Veterans.” Christopher Cook, Thanks A Million Military Scholarship Recipient

“Education has played a big role in my life. I never knew I wanted to go to college until I joined the military. Then I realized that I could do whatever I wanted I wanted to. The Air Force allowed me to slowly get into school and see that being a student is not so bad.” Alexandra Burnhisel, Peg Fleming Memorial Military Spouses Scholarship Recipient

“It is my honor to receive this scholarship. I am currently an engineering student here at Gulf Coast State College and plan to finish my Bachelor’s Degree at FSU-PC. Thank you for helping me to continue to pursue this goal. I am very thankful to be considered and chosen for this scholarship and I am confident that it can be put to good use.” Peter Oakes, Society of American Military Engineers Endowed Scholarship