Dream Keepers Emergency Fund Campaign

At Gulf Coast State College Foundation we are dedicated to providing our college family with the tools to be successful and achieve their dreams. With the community still recovering from Hurricane Michael and facing the COVID-19 pandemic we know that those tools looking different for each person. To address this, the Foundation has created the Dream Keepers Emergency Fund to provide the support the college and its students need to be successful. The Dream Keepers provides support that allows our students to continue their education during a crisis and our college to provide a quality education.  

Support for scenarios such as layoffs, childcare expense, transportation, gap in financial aid, technology needs for class, books and lack of housing is paramount in giving our students the support needed to achieve their educational dreams and support the success of our community. Your gift shows that you believe in the future of Gulf Coast State College, its students and this community.

Your support of the Dream Keepers Emergency Fund Campaign will provide

  • Layoffs and Cut Hours
  • Gap in Financial Aid for school
  • Childcare Expenses
  • Food Pantry
  • Technological Needs for classes
  • Books
  • Lack of Living Expenses