Hurricane Michael Campaign

On October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael rocked our area causing homes to be destroyed, families to be scattered, and hope in short supply. And to us, the choice to support our students, our staff and our community, was the only one worth making. The Foundation immediately allocated $1.5 million to address those needs and over $1 million has been spent. Hurricane Michael created the largest financial obstacle for our students and employees in the history of our Foundation and Gulf Coast State College.

We are engaged in a campaign to replenish the money spent by the Foundation and to meet the long-term needs of our employees and students. Therefore, the Foundation has broadened its mission to ensure the retention of employees and students by supporting needs never before address.

Your support of the Hurricane Michael Campaign will provide

  • Emergency funds for non-educational support like food and clothing
  • Tuition discounts to help supplement educational funding shortfalls
  • Eliminate student tuition and fee balance that would ordinarily bar enrollment
  • Funding for students to replace books that were destroyed or lost during the hurricane
  • Assistance for public transportation, gas, or auto expenses to help students get to campus
  • Increase to the scholarship amounts awarded for the summer and fall semesters
  • Employee grants for hurricane related losses