It is commonly believed that a chief benefit of serving in the U.S. Military is the opportunity to obtain a college education. Yet too often benefits such as tuition assistance and housing allowance, fall short of meeting all the financial needs of aspiring active duty, veteran, and dependent spouses. Unforeseen events, like a spouse’s loss of income or the cost of home repair, often make it impossible for a student to stay in school. Please help the Gulf Coast State College and the Gulf Coast State College Foundation provide an exceptional education experience for our heroes so that they may realize the American Dream so many of them fought to preserve.

Thanks A Million Campaign. In many cases, federal and state governments cannot keep pace with the cost of education.  Due to these shortfalls, our military students are asked to pay for a portion of their education “out of pocket”. Proceeds from this campaign will used to help offset the cost of education for our active duty and veteran military students.  Our military students have given their all for you; now it is time to give back.