What defines a Foundation scholarship? Our scholarships are privately funded from donors or donor organizations who believe in the mission of educating students at Gulf Coast State College. A majority of our scholarships are permanent in nature and will be awarded year after year.

What are the three general application essay questions? 1. Describe a time in your life that has shaped who you are as a person. 2. Why do you want to go to college? 3. How do you define success? All answers are limited to 500 words or less. Essay answers are a vital part of the scholarship selection process. Answers are not scored on length or the number of words written; they are scored based on content, grammar, and punctuation.

How do I get to the scholarship application? First, go to the Gulf Coast State College website at www.gulfcoast.edu; second, find the “myGCSC” link at the top right of the home page and log in; Third, locate the “Foundation Scholarship” box and hit the link; this will take you to the Foundation’s scholarship application login.

When can I complete a general scholarship application? Anytime. The Foundation’s scholarship system is open 24 hours / 7 days a week. There is a small interruption every November for system maintenance.

Can I complete an application once and have it remain as long as I am attending Gulf Coast State College? No. You must complete a new application each year or cycle.

Is there an application fee? No.

What is the significance of the scholarship application period? Each year, the Foundation selects new recipients for its scholarships. In order to determine who is interested in our scholarships, we open the application cycle.

What is the current application period? December 1st to March 15th.

Will my scholarship cover all of my educational expenses (books, tuition, etc.)? No. The Foundation’s scholarship awards are “supplemental” in nature and not meant to cover 100% of a students educational cost.

How long does my scholarship last? One (1) year. Most awards are given out during the fall and spring semesters.

You note that I can apply for many scholarships, however I only see one application. Why do I not have more applications showing? This is called Auto Matching. When you complete our general scholarship application, our system will start matching you to scholarship opportunities “behind the scenes”. There is no need to have hundreds of scholarships icons showing up on your page when only one will do.

I have a scholarship this year. Do I have to reapply next year? Yes. Most scholarships are good for one year. This requires all recipients to complete a new application each year.

Will I have to set up a separate login and password? No. That was completed when you set up your MyGCSC and GCSC Email accounts.

What if I have used an incorrect password and am “locked” out? Wait 1 hour and system will unlock.

How am I informed about the status of my scholarship or scholarships? The Foundation’s system sends out reminders, status correspondence, information and notices via an applicant’s GCSC email. Make sure to connect your GCSC student email to your cellphone, iPad or any other personal communication devices. Very seldom will the Foundation send out letters thru the postal service or use personal email for notifications.

What are the minimum eligibility requirements? An applicant must be taking 6 or more credit hours and be accepted into Gulf Coast State College. Beginning in the summer 2020 the minimum credit hours is reduced to 3 or more credit hours.

Do I have to be accepted into Gulf Coast State College before applying for a Foundation scholarship? Yes. You must have an assigned student ID number (A00123456) and an assigned GCSC email account. This also applies to “dual” enrolled high school students.

Is a Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) required before I apply for a Foundation scholarship? No. This is not a requirement. However, we highly recommend that every student consider completing a FAFSA application-regardless of the anticipated results.

Can any high school senior apply for the High School Honors Scholarship? Yes. The application is open to all graduating high school seniors.

Am I restricted from applying for any scholarships? No. Anyone can select and apply for a scholarship – even if they do not meet the qualifications.

What is minimum number of hours I have to take in order to receive my scholarship? You must be taking 6 or more credit hours. Beginning in the summer 2020 the requirement will be changed to 3 or more credit hours.

What if I am awarded a scholarship and taking less than 12 hours? Provided you are taking 6 or more credit hours, your scholarship award will be pro-rated accordingly. Please consult our scholarship guide for more information. In the summer 2020, the requirement will be changed to “…taking 3 or more credit hours, …”.

Who selects the scholarship recipients each year? Most of scholarship recipients are selected by a committee comprised of Gulf Coast State College faculty and staff. Some recipients are selected directly by the scholarship donors or GCSC faculty members.

How will I know when I have received a scholarship? Log in to your scholarship account. Statuses are always noted inside your scholarship application page; offers are sent via your GCSC email. Most correspondence is sent electronically. Never will the Foundation transmit scholarship notifications via text or personal email.

How can I approve my chances of earning a scholarship? Make sure the answers to your essay questions are well written (correct grammar, punctuation and content). It is recommended that you visit the College’s reading and writing lab for assistance or critique; the service is free.

How is the award amount determined? In most cases, the Foundation’s Board of Directors will determine the award amount each year.

What is a scholarship “offer”? An offer is given when an applicant has been selected for a scholarship. It is up to the nominee to either “accept” or “decline” the offer.

Can I combine my Foundation scholarship with other forms of financial aid and scholarships? Yes. This includes Bright Futures, Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, College Pre-paid plans and other non-Foundation grants and awards. There are some exceptions, we recommend that you meet with a GCSC financial aid adviser if you have any questions.

What do I do if I have a question or situation concerning my scholarship? Please visit the Foundation office anytime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday thru Friday. The Foundation’s office is located inside the Student Union West Building, 3rd Floor, Suite 325. You may email your question to [email protected]. Your scholarship representatives are located on the website’s “Our Team” page.